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I am currently a developer at FastTrek, building and improving their Wordpress powered site. I have been with FastTrek since February 2018.

Concepts In Tile

In early 2018, I built a website powered by Wordpress for a tiling company in New York. I continue to design upgrades as well as perform maintenance on the site. This website has since been taken down, the link provided takes you to a mock-up I made prior to the final delivery.

Roger Williams University - Bikes

During my last semester at RWU, I collaborated with other classmates in one of our courses to create a website promoting bike safety in Bristol, Rhode Island. This website has since been taken down.

Academic Projects

Roger Williams English Literature

I led a team of peers in my last semester, in which we submitted a bid for our school's English Literature page redesign.


SnapBoston was a website created during a PHP exercise. It was built using PHP, HTML, and CSS. It is currently not live.


RKPhotos was the first site I created for an academic assignment. The site was built using HTML and CSS. The site serves as a portfolio for some of my original photography.

Branding Projects

Sea Turtle Conservancy

As an assignment for a graphic design class I selected a non-profit organization and rebranded some of their promotional material. I chose the Sea Turtle Conservancy based out of Florida. Part of the project involved creating a type only logo as well as stationery for the business.

Timeless Grind

For another academics project, I was tasked with designing an entire coffee shop from scratch. Some of the steps included were creating a logo that included type and an icon that could be used separately. In addition to the logo, I created different signage, designs for cups, and other accessories.


For a latter assignment, I created a fictitious clothing company. During the course of this project I created an original font used for the logo. Additionally, I designed a lot of bags and labels that would be used in the store.

Neptune's Kitchen

For my final project, I created a fictional food truck. The design of the truck included a menu of 10 different and original items. Further, I designed signs and banners as well as the truck itself