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Web Development

Graphic Design


I am currently a developer at FastTrek, working to improve and helping to build their wordpress powered website. I have been with FastTrek since February 2018.

Concepts In Tile

In early 2018, I built a website, powered by Wordpress, for a tiling company out of New York. I still help out on making further additions or any other maintenance work on the site, although it is up and fully functional.

RWU Bikes

In my last semester of schooling (2018), I collaborated with other classmates in one of our classes to create a website promoting Bike Safety in Bristol, Rhode Island.


Roger Williams English Literature

I led a team of classmates during a class in my last semester, this is a bid we submitted for our school's English Literature page redesign.


This is another website created during a class learning about PHP. It was built using PHP, HTML, and CSS and is still fully functional. The idea of the site was a photo sharing website of the Boston Celtics.


This is the first site I had created for a school project. The site was built using HTML and CSS, my site was a portfolio of some of my photography.

Branding - Schooling

Sea Turtle Conservancy

For my graphic design class I was tasked to pick a current non-profit organization and give it a rebranding. I chose the Sea Turtle Conservancy down in Florida. Part of the project involved creating a type only logo as well as different stationery for the business.

Timeless Grind

For our second project, I was to design an entire coffee shop from my own creation. Some of the challenges of this included were to create a logo that included type and an icon that could be used seperately. Along with the logo, I had to make different signage and designs for cups and other accessories.


In our next project I had to create another fictitious company, a clothing company. For this project I also had to create a font all on my own that would be used for the logo, a font that only consisted of the letters in the logo. In addition, I had to design a lot of different bags and labels that would be used in the store.

Neptune's Kitchen

My final project was based on a fictional food truck that I got to create. The design of the truck had to include a menu of 10 different items that I was to also create on my own. I also had to design signs and banners along with all sides of the truck itself.